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Hi there — I’m Russell Kilday-Hicks and this is my small attempt to share some of my experiences as a union activist and to try to affect this world in a positive way. I wear lots of hats. I’m a state employee at SF State University, and I volunteer for my union. I was elected one of four statewide officers in 2009. I am the vice president for representation. I am the former chapter union president representing about 1,400 non-faculty staff in basically four bargaining units on campus, and former chair of my union’s statewide Communications Committee. My main goal, besides trying to clear up all the misunderstandings about unions, is to increase the visibility and respect for the staff who make the CSU run (it’s a feudal system and I represent the serfs). I like to say I’m doubly blessed because I get to fight for the free speech and other rights for working people and I get to promote one of the great institutions in the world, the CSU. I’m a product of the CSU and have transformed my life through a higher education. I dedicate myself to preserving that opportunity for the children of the working folk in California.


One Response to “About this site”

  1. Local Wizard Says:

    Hi Russell! Now you have my info too 🙂 Thanks for the ride tonight, I hope you got home well.

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