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Comments to the CSU Board of Trustees

September 24, 2009

Last time we were here we had just bargained a furlough agreement, and that was good. The system is in crisis and we rose to meet that challenge together. At that time I had asked that the sacrifice we all make to work here, because we believe in the CSU, especially the sacrifice from those on the bottom, people my union represents — I’m talking about custodians, laborers, and poorly paid office workers throughout the CSU who voted by more than 80 percent to take a cut so the CSU can only turn away 40,000 students rather than 95,000 — their sacrifice must be appreciated. Now — I understand we are all new to this furlough business and there are still some bugs to work out. Unfortunately, the spirit of cooperation in crisis that created the agreement has lost something in the translation getting to some of the campuses — managers not accepting that a pay cut means less work will be done, programs implemented that don’t follow the agreement and without working with local union leaders, even petty stuff like HR directors trying to dictate who they will and will not meet with. I’m asking for your help in reinforcing that message — that this sacrifice not be taken for granted — that this institution do everything it can to see that its employees get all due respect in the implementation of the furlough agreement.