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Speech to the CSU Board of Trustees, 7/21/09

July 23, 2009

As part of the ratification process for the TA, I just visited five campuses. At each one there were employees who were upset about being asked to trust management that the cuts would be applied to all in the CSU. I told them that these cuts are not coming from the chancellor or the trustees but from the governor. I told them the reason the governor can get away with this is because the taxpayers of California believe him when he says that we can no longer afford the CSU. Essentially, what this system offers, along with the other two branches of higher education in the state, is opportunity, hope for a better future. This is the very opposite of the production of misery, the business of what’s been called the fastest growing public housing in the country: our prison system. What a sad state we are in that that system grows and we continue to shrink.

The question I want to put to everyone here today is: Do we still believe in the CSU? If we do, then we must work together to renew our promise of hope to California and to take it one step further: offer the same hope, not just to the students but to the employees as well. We must be a model institution and prove our worth to the state and our worth to the human investment each of us makes in the CSU. My union, in accepting the “share the pain” principle of furloughs has taken this on trust. Please don’t let us down.