Dear President Obama,

A great crime is about to take place.

Opportunity is about to be dampened down by a great leap backward.

Some call it a budget. I call it a crime.

Some say we have no choice. I say, we have every choice before us.

Some say it’s just bad weather, a great storm passing through. I say, like Katrina, our leaders are working through and with the forces of nature to wreak their path of destruction, their scorched earth policy, to make manifest their dark, fear-filled vision.

Back in the waning days of Gray and the beginning days of Arnold upon California, another D.C. administration had the opportunity to set our state aright. When the ghosts of robber barons rose from the dead to clear cut the vast riches once more, it was prudent to look the other way, to chuckle at our plight, to partner in crime because they only saw unfriendly blue on the western shore.

Arnold, once again, made a bargain with the devil to take power’s seat, and many millions will feel the pain. As his first act, he stopped the effort to recover the stolen treasure and set the state on the downward path we now follow.

He came with a plan. “Government doesn’t work,” he said, and proceeded to make it so. Why are we surprised at this? It should be clear to all by now, a snake is a snake and a bad actor is a bad actor.

We know the perpetrator, we know the weapon, we know the place, all’s that needed to seal the deal is a simple two-thirds vote and a drop of red ink on paper, and our fate is sealed.

The government has a responsibility to not just protect us from evil, but to offer hope. To provide for the positive freedoms, you said, not just freedom from oppression, terrorism, coercion but freedom to become all you can dream (with all your rights granted under the constitution: the Bill of Rights II, healthcare, homes, education, and meaningful work).

Will you come to freedom’s aid in our dark hour?


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