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Obama message and National Day of Community Service

January 14, 2009

On Jan. 20 a new president and administration begins in Washington, D.C. I was asked what this means to me and this is what I said: “As a labor leader fighting for the rights of state employees every day this inauguration has special meaning. After eight years of draconian policies and outright attacks on working people there is no question I would rather be supporting a new agenda in America taking us in a new direction. I see President Obama doing these things: returning us to civility in government and public debate, reaffirming domestic and international law, giving us an acknowledgment of and commitment to addressing the catastrophic affects of global climate change (not to mention science in general taking its rightful advisory role in public policy once again), and reordering our national priorities to put workers and their families — and their dreams — out in front because their daily toil is the bedrock of what makes this nation great.”

This is my expression of hope and I realize no one of us can do this alone, including the president. I encourage each of you to share with me what this change in government means to you and I can post them on our website or in our newspaper. Thanks. Now let’s get to work.

MLK Day is National Day of Community Service
One of our negotiated holidays is ML King Day on Jan. 19. This is also the National Day of Community Service. I encourage you to go to this webpage: and find a community service event near you. I did a search within 10 miles of my home and came up with way too many choices. Lots of good groups need our help for those less privileged, whose numbers are increasing during these hard economic times.